CoconutView Network Camera Gadget for Windows Vista

By Dan Komáromi

1. Introduction
2. Obtaining the software
3. Camera settings
4. Frequently Asked Questions


CoconutView lets you connect to Axis, Canon, and Panasonic network cameras and video encoders. The sidebar gadget displays live JPG motion on your desktop. Useful for monitoring your security camera or viewing public cams for fun.

See a screenshot. In this example, there are five instances of the gadget on the desktop; two in the large undocked view, and three in the smaller docked sidebar view.

Here is a different screenshot with the desktop completely filled with a mix of Axis and Panasonic camera views.


Requires Windows Vista.

CoconutView 1.3 for Axis Download

CoconutView 1.2 for Panasonic Download

CoconutView 1.2 for Canon Download


Camera URL: enter the domain or IP and port of the camera without slashes.

Camera Number: for Axis video encoders only. Leave blank if using a single network camera.

Resolution (docked): for Axis only. Select a resolution supported by the device. The display is scaled to 127x95 to fit inside the sidebar.

Resolution (undocked): for Axis only. Select a resolution supported by the device. The display is scaled to 320x240 to fit in the undocked view.

Refresh Interval (seconds): enter the number of seconds elapsed between image updates. A private camera on a fast network can display motion with 1 second or less. It is best to use at least 5-10 seconds for shared cameras to avoid saturating the camera server.


Does it support viewing more than one camera at the same time?

Yes, simply add the gadget to the sidebar again to create another view. Each instance of the gadget can have its own camera settings.

My camera page is password protected. Will it work with private cameras?

Yes, if it is a private camera, a username/password dialog will pop up the first time a connection is made to the camera.

No image shows up on the Axis gadget, why?

Try changing the docked and undocked resolution in the settings. Ensure that it matches one of the resolutions supported in the camera specifications. Some models only support certain resolutions, for example the Axis 2100 model must be set to 320x240.

How much does it cost?

CoconutView is free for unlimited personal use. If you like it please support the development efforts by making a small donation by clicking on the button below. The form also contains a comments section where questions can be submitted.