[Setting up Email in DOS]

By Zoltan Graff (h10023gra@ella.hu)

Yesterday a found a DOS WEB browser: Bobcat. It contains a
PPP dialer. It's very good and simple. It works well with pmpop.
I think that NETDIAL is better then PPPSHARE. Simpler,
and resident size is only 59 Kbyte.

It's part of the Bobcat package. You can find here:

It supports dynamic IP adress. The driver makes a BAT file:

        set myip=
        set remip=
        set netmask=
        set peermru=1500

you can write a batch file, for example:

        echo my_ip=%MYIP% > path.cfg
        echo gateway=%REMIP% >> path.cfg

and the wattcp.cfg is similar to this:


By Ap (ajmberg@worldaccess.nl) As I use the shareware Klos PPP driver I wanted to get rid of the Escape key. Using 4DOS it was easy enough by running the following batchfile: c:\client32\lsl ppp ipstub keystack 0 Esc Enter Enter /W700 Down Down Down Down Enter Enter ^ pppmenu pppwat Now the process of connecting runs automatically. 4DOS will 'press' all the needed keys. What I have to do now is figuring out how to trap errors and respond to them. As you can see from the batchfile my PC is already connected to a Novell network, and uses the client32 software. As this is a server at home, I only use Pegasus mail for my Internet mail (this is can be configured in Pegasus). All my mail is stored in the maildirectory on the server. I had to change the buffers to 8 in the LSL section in my net.cfg to reflect the extra stack LINK SUPPORT BUFFERS 8 1504 MEMPOOL 8192 I also use a different batchfile than the one you suggested to read/get mail. It will now get/send the mail, and then startup Pegasus mail. I have done thas because in Holland local calls are not free. So the batch file looks like this: @echo off c:\client32\lsl ppp ipstub keystack 0 Esc Enter Enter /W700 Down Down Down Down Enter Enter ^ pppmenu pppwat cd c:\app\pmail scrput 24 2 white on black Now getting new mail.... pmpop -g -v scrput 24 2 white on black Now sending new mail.... pmpop -s -v cd c:\app\pppshare keystack 0 Esc Enter Y Enter /W90 E Enter Enter ^ pppmenu ipstub unload ppp /u c:\client32\lsl /u cd c:\app\pmail pmail As you can see, the whole process now runs unattended but it needs 4DOS to perform it's magic.
By Zoltan (zbekefi@kgazd.bme.hu) One of my friends bought an HP 700LX palmtop. He didn't like the style of the softwares, what are used on the palmtops (I mean NetTamer for example), he liked the PC softwares (as for example PMail), not the 15 years old Unix style. So he asked me to install Pegasus Mail for mailing purposes onto the palmtop. (Pmail 3.1 for does have a Hungarian language version). The most difficult was to find a DOS PPP client. I tested two or three of them, but neither of them was working (I tried to connect to Compuserve, our Foray PPP server, and other ISP-s). But your advice was good. After downloading the PPPSHARE software, it wasn't difficult (I mean some ours) to configure the system to connect to our Foray PPP gateway. My friend bought a PCMCIA card for the palmtop, what is a 8 Mb disk and a 14400 modem in one card. Without it the Palmtop has only as I remember about 1.4 Mb disk capacity. And the PPPSHARE & PMail system is nearly 1 Mb. On the PC everything was working fine. I copied the files to the palmtop but lsl.com wasn't working. Some lsl msg file was missing. I downloaded the latest odi driver sets from novell.com, it contained the latest lsl.com and the msg file, too. Now the system is working till today (and I hope it will do it in the future, too). The mailing is working not only across the wire telephone system, but across the GSM mobile telephone system, too (it's the common mobile phone system in Europe). My friend uses a Nokia 2110 telephone with the palmtop.